Testing Data Logging RESTful Webservice – using Python and Thingsspeak

Your windows “TaskManager” just went LIVE! Imagine being able to broadcast your CPU/MEM/Disk capacity data or data from a hardware device or appliance (Arduino based sensor) to a service. Now imagine being able to view this data in a live graphical manner and being able to share it with the rest of the world (power…More

Oracle Webcenter Schemas and Tablespaces in vs

I am in the process of patching/upgrading a Webcenter PS2 install ( with UCM 10g to a Webcenter PS3 install ( using the Weblogic migration tools, Patch Set Assistant to migrate the schemas and the ECM migration tools. One of the things I was curious about was the RCU schemas and tablespace differences in PS2…More

Weblogic Application Deployment Error – “Changing the source location…”

Stack Trace: [01:41:48 PM] Weblogic Server Exception: weblogic.management.ManagementException: [Deployer:149007]New source location, ‘\JDeveloper\system11.\o.j2ee\app\.ear’, cannot be deployed to configured application, ”. The application source is at ‘JDeveloper\system11.\o.j2ee\drs\’. Changing the source location is not allowed for a previously attempted deployment. Try deploying without specifying the source. [01:41:48 PM] See server logs or server console for more details. [01:41:48…More

Oracle Fusion ADF – JSF Rich Text and Table Component (Data Input and Refresh)

The ADF framework is quite powerful and you should be able to quickly create a page that will let you do Partial Page Rendering (PPR) in no time … there are plenty of good examples online about how to do this (and you should be able to work things out on your own in no time).

However, my problem was that by using out of box “Partial Triggers” property on the table component, I was unable to “re-query” the underlying table model. Instead, I used an explicit call to the underlying UI controls and ended up learning quite a bit in the process. More

POJO Business Objects and UML Diagrams in JDeveloper 11g

Step 1) Right Click on the Project and select “New …” Step 2) Select from the “Java” Category in Categories on Left …. and then select “Java Class Diagram” as shown below Step 3) Drag Java classes to the Diagram or create new UML Model and generate objects. Additionally …looks like you can take your…More

BPEL Deployment Error – Task does not conform to the task definition XML schema definition

When trying to deploy a composite with a BPEL flow, some Business Rules and a Human Task (or two) we ran in errors Invalid task definition. The task definition at CoreModulesDomain/Approve#####t!1.0*soa_6df02ede-80c6-4302-b96d-c9648598713a/ApproveTask does not conform to the task definition XML schema definition. The task definition is associated with workflow CoreModulesDomain/Approve#####!1.0*soa_6df02ede-80c6-4302-b96d-c9648598713a/ApproveTask. The errors are [2]: Element not…More

Define/Assign Custom Paylod for your BPEL Human Task

When you create a BPEL Human Task, the payload type is not specified by default. You can specify a simple type from the drop down on the “Data” menu item on the BPEL Task Editor page. By default if you have not assigned a menu item then your “payload” element is not defined in your…More

Nested ADF AM – Example

Nested ADF Application modules are key to component reuse when building and work like using Java JAR libraries with a slight difference.  You can take your ADF Business Component and create an “adflib” out of it which is a glorified JAR archive with a bunch of other XML files that hold important connection information. The…More

XML Schema – ComplexTypes, Namespaces and Validation

If you are trying to create a new XML schema and have a requirement where a schema element requires a “Complex” element in a repeated fashion then you might be thinking about defining that complex element outside and referencing it like basic XMLSchema types. Note: You might like to go through the W3C Schools tutorial…More

Don’t release the app module yet!

I was well on my way to a new record in creating and deploying a web-service using Oracle ADF tooling when a bug hit me! No matter what I did the View Object instance within the AM would be null. So for example, I was testing the web-service implementation class as a Java main, creating…More

Oracle Weblogic ADF – Application Module Datasource Connection

For a good idea about JDBC URL vs JDBC Datasource see:  http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E14571_01/web.1111/b31974/bcservices.htm#ADFFD1501 Configuring JDBC Datasource According to Oracle “A data source is a vendor-independent encapsulation of a database server connection”. When deploying an Oracle ADF application with a bc4j (Business Configuration) to a stand-alone Weblogic instance, you need to make sure your data-source is configured…More

SQL Developer – Date Format

You are on SQL Developer and have a date-time column, you run a query and it only displays the date. You could do a “to_char(mydatefield,’MM/DD/YYYY hh24:mi:ss’) ” but then you will have to do it for ALL date fields and change all your saved queries. You wish there was something in SQL-Developer that would apply…More

Boggle Solver

Attempt 1: Use Arrays and Lists and a recursive function to loop over all letters in the boggle board and find all possible words of size [min-length] to size [max-length] where min-length >= max-length. Code: Apr 16, 2010 2:42:59 PM 1 package boggle; 2 3 import java.util.ArrayList; 4 import java.util.Arrays; 5 import java.util.HashSet; 6 import…More