Hello 👋 name is Alok Mishra. This is my journal and I tend to write about technology especially Software Engineering and Design from over 20 years industry and consulting experience

My goal is to help inspire the wider software community of engineers, architects and tech savvy organizations as they look to build solutions of value to their customers

In the 2000s as reasearch associate and software engineer I started working with software that was solving problems using a network of computers ( parallel and distributed software) and solving problems using inter-connected information systems (distributed systems)

I have been delivering solid integrated solutions applying certain design and architecture patterns through various practices for enterprise and web-scale needs

My experience started with building a CI/CD engine in early 2000s followed by engineering enterprise web applications and services on Java/J2EE stack. With the advent of commodity ESB and BPEL/BPMN engines back in the day, I started to build enterprise services using service oriented architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP)

It was with “deep digital” needs that I ventured into the world of API/microservices, event driven and streaming architectures

With every solution I felt the desire to orient to strategic deliverables to make a long term impact for my clients and really started questions why before designing or engineering

This desire to deliver Business led technology solutions (and my love for visual communication) led me to Domain Driven Design (DDD) and I have been an avid practitioner since 2017

A lot of my recent posts are centered around DDD hoping to catch the eye of integration engineers and inspire them to do the same

Professional life

I work for Deloitte Australia and views represented in these posts are mine and not my employers

Personal life

I am a father of two amazing kids and love inspiring them to tinker with microcontrollers and microcomputers such as Arduinos, Raspberry Pis to build fun projects

I am also an avid cook and believe that it is culture we pass down similar to language. I did not want to lose my native dishes and pickles and my secret lab is our kitchen where working to recreate old recipies

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  1. Tom Smith says:

    Alok, would you like to share your blog posts on DZone.com as a “Most Valuable Blogger?” If so, let me know an email address where I can send additional information. Thank you.


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