Downloaded Software List – 3/25

  • Spring Framework Examples:

  • Java Connector for MySQL Simple Demo with JDev:

  • PHP/MySQL/Apache:


  • Java Applets with Killer Graphics using Processing:

  • Java Date/Time API an improvement over the JDK Date/Time:

  • IDE of choice for building/testing on my open source downloads:

  • Python 2.6


  • Python MySQL DB


  • Linux/Ubuntu stuff

SSH Server

LAMP (PHP, Apache, MySQL)


VNC (*desired)

Eclipse (*desired)

Test Scenario

Required Downloads


Spring Examples Eclipse, Spring 20%
DB Connection Test with Spring and Hibernate Eclipse, Spring, MySQL, JConnector for MySQL No
MQ test Eclipse, Spring, Active MQ No
JDev and MySQL Test JDev, MySQL, MySQL JConnector Yes. PKC site tables created

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