Enterprise Integration: Using Heterogeneous Namespace Design For Messaging Schema

When integrating with Legacy systems, especially ones that rely on flat-files, it is often the case that there is no XSD definition that can be used in BPEL/ESB processes.  This happened recently when I was using Oracle’s AIA framework to build Application Business Connector Services (ABCS) for a legacy system that has a file-poll based integration.

The very first step, after developing the EAI picture for the client’s ERP to Legacy system, was to begin hashing out data mapping and business logic details in the ABCSs. I used Oracle JDeveloper to build schemas and used namesspace standards, as shown below, for organizing the ERP and Legacy System’s Entity Schemas and the Schemas used to do Request/Reply on these entities.

Lets take for example the Order entity in Legacy System1. The endpoint expects a list of Orders (for milk runs) and the ABCS takes a Request that has a List of Orders, then creates the file that represents the endpoint datafile and finally uses a File Adapter to put the file there.

I have shown below,  how to create the schema for the Order Entity (OrderType) and how to wrap it in a Order Request Type.  Due to time-constraints, I will simply upload the images now and come back to this post to detail the steps.



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