Oracle Webcenter and Enterprise 2.0

So we just completed a week of Webcenter PS3 training and tell you what … a week is just not enough. Over the next month I will be playing more with Webcenter, UCM and ADF and hope to answer a few important questions around the product and what it has to offer.

The buzz word is Enterprise 2.0 and the availability of “social” applications to Intranet and Extranet users. The word social here applies to the enterprise context the same way it applies to the general internet – use the power of community and the collective to get better! (We will avoid philosophical discussions around if that is a good thing or bad thing or if it pans out the way we hope it would, and instead focus on what all this means of application architecture in the enterprise).

[Image Source: Oracle]

Some of the questions I have been asked are:
Q. Where does SOA come into all this?
A. Enterprise Services built in a Service Oriented Architecture can be surfaced on Webcenter. Use SCA based services in SOA Suite to build enterprise services, compose complex services from simple ones and then expose these in Webcenter just the same way we could do this in a regular ADF app.

Q. Why should the Application Architects for COTS (off the shelf software like EBS, SEIBEL etc) and custom applications (like your home-grown rating/pricing apps) care about Webcenter?
A. The availability of a portal-framework, security along with webservice and data-controls based service integration allows us to pull everything together in a single visual area for an improved user experience. So if you have webcenter available, think about how your application can be made available in there.

[Source: Oracle]

Coming up ….

1) How to import an ADF Datasource into Webcenter

2) Setting up Webcenter spaces, users and roles

3) SOA and Webcenter – consume a SOAP service, surface a BPEL worklist

4) Spaces and ECM/UCM



Webcenter Spaces - Data Control

Webcenter Spaces

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