Optus’ Samsung Galaxy S – Kies Download mgr now has FROYO!!!

A couple of days back when I got the new phone from Optus – a shiny Samsung Galaxy S, it came with a Kies version that said “No Firmware Updates Available” and the firmware version was Android 2.1 ….

…the quest for Froyo ended last night when I checked for updates on Kier (Settings -> Updates) and it downloaded a bunch of new drivers etc and on connecting the phone said “Updates Available”. It was easy from there on, simply backed up the apps and reflashed the hardware with the new OS using the download manager.

Only problem was with the Sync with Gmail/FB … had to uninstall FB and reinstall it. Could be the 2.1 client was not compatible with 2.2. Other than that everything was smooth.

oh! Last minute add: * Sadface* I used to love the “Fall Leaves in a stream” Live Wallpaper and looks like its no longer there. *Sigh* atleast I have Skype now!!

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