Snow flakes in Sydney – The great escape or do they have a purpose?

Just saw one massive FOAM Snowflakes by Bridge and Pitt St … and wondered if something had come loose off of a decoration somewhere nearby. That one wandered about for a bit, dodge a car or two and then decided to hang out on a tree branch by the bridge/pitt intersection.

It was not until folks at the office erupted in mass curiosity and broke the monotonous hum that I realized that there were more “Snow flakes” along the way. Some pointed at the foam flakes along the road, other along the narrow alleyway between our building and the building behind ours. “Christmas” someone yelled, “Aren’t the flakes cute” said some lady….

…I was wondering if they had a purpose or had these just broken free and escaped this years decoration on some city building? In any case, they made a couple of moments on a dreary Friday afternoon festive!


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