JDeveloper memory settings

Did you just get the “JDev is low on memory” error? or you have a beast of an application where you are trying to initialize a tree with a million or so nodes? (I was!)

So .. first thought is, its gotta be some “config” file (because I did not start JDev as a jar param to java) … so where could this be?

JDeveloper  jars are under <install_path>/JDeveloper<Major-ver><Release><Minor-version>/jdeveloper folder. In my desktop it was under c:\JDeveloper11R1V2\jdeveloper.

Okay now where? There are two places where we might find the configuration files we are looking for [image 1 – below]. A folder called “jdev” or a folder called “ide” – why the difference Oracle? In any case … the jdev folder has a file called jdev.conf and the ide folder has a file called ide.conf.

Quick look at jdev.conv showed it reference ide.conv and did not have anyline that specified the VM args Xmx and Xms. Finally, looked in ide.conf and found it [image 2 – below].

Imag1 – Folder structure

11gR1 JDeveloper path

Image 2 – ide.conf (notice the path on top)

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